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How Agentbox can help Start-Up Agents

Bringing a real estate business to life is one of the most exciting times in a Principal’s journey as an entrepreneur. Whether you’re bringing years of industry experience to the table, or coming to the real estate market as a startup for the first time, selecting a technology partner for your agency will determine your business success or failure in the months to come.

Real estate success leaves clues, and Agentbox is one of them – we’re the number one CRM choice of Australia’s top performing agents. We present your startup with a winning foundation from which to dominate the market, exerting influence through a clean central database of contacts and properties, powerful marketing strategies, impeccable prospect data, and unmatched reporting systems.   Read more about the feature-rich Agentbox solutions and you will see how you can hit the ground running and be the master of your market in no time.

Whether you’re a stand-alone agency or a new real estate franchise, startup can be both an exciting and challenging time.

Let the market know you’ve arrived with Agentbox’s powerful marketing solutions
Build a valuable, clean database structured to drive business from day one
Prospect effectively with Agentbox’s unparalleled data tools and systems
Save time and deliver on your customer service promises
Agentbox offers start-ups the structure and systems to dominate their market
Make informed business decisions with Agentbox’s whole-business reports

Close the gap on your competitors, and step into your agency’s power

Why choose Agentbox?

Agentbox offers your startup the structure, support and technology necessary to drive your new real estate business to success, speedily and with ease. A totally scalable solution that grows with your agency as it dominates the market, Agentbox’s inbuilt workflows and letters allow your team to prospect effectively from the day your doors open. The CRM of choice for high performing agents across Australia, Agentbox offers accurate client information on-the-go courtesy of its mobile-friendly design. Principals rely on Agentbox for its incredible reporting power, allowing them to garner an immediate snapshot of their business position and team performance – resulting in efficient performance management and super decision-making.

Win your first 10 listings, fast. Empower your startup agency to gain listing momentum from your launch party onwards, attract premium staff and delivering on customer service promises that elevate your brand above the competition. With a dynamic website and a spotless database rich with accurate prospect information, you’ll soon reap the rewards deserved by a smart startup.

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missing info, duplicate properties & more?

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Is your sales database riddled with missing information, duplicate properties and more? 

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