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by REB Top 100 Agents for eight years running

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Australia's Leading Real Estate Sales CRM and Property Management Software

Reapit’s Agentbox product is Australia’s #1 Real Estate CRM. Agentbox offers agencies a complete cloud-based software solution for Sales and Property Management teams. Cutting edge design, robust training methodology and an in-depth understanding of key real estate industry principles, has led to Agentbox being trusted by the industry’s best. We work closely with Australia’s highest performing agents to deliver innovative solutions that help drive their success. Learn more about Agentbox and why leading agents choose Agentbox as their trusted real estate software solution.

Leading Agents' Experiences

Jamie Bennett from Stone Real Estate shares how Agentbox has helped Stone achieve their rapid growth.

CRM Advice

At AREC we were able to capture some insights from leading agents such as Rob Ward from DiJONES about what’s important when selecting a Real Estate CRM or agency-wide business solution.

Favourite Features

Phil Harris from Harris Real Estate and other leading agents share their favourite Agentbox CRM features.  Agentbox’s powerful prospecting tools are very popular in helping agents get the edge in their market.

Is your database riddled with missing
info, duplicate properties & more?

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Powerful real estate cloud software with integrated websites that is tailored to your needs

Looking to update your website and make your Real Estate CRM data management a breeze? Our range of fully responsive website designs allow you to create a website that truly reflects the image and philosophy of your brand. A high performing website needs to seamlessly integrate with your CRM and ensure it isn’t breaking any rules of clean database management. The overall aesthetics and usability of the website are also critical when winning new listings in a highly competitive market. A huge percentage of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and our specialised responsive sites allow you to tap into the market through intuitive web design that can be accessed smoothly either on the desktop or on the go. Give your clients hassle-free access to all of your listings and sales agents wherever they may be! We take pride in achieving the best possible results, and it’s this love of our work that sets us apart in all that we do. Whatever the size, spend or scope of the project, our experienced team will always offer a highly personalised service while demonstrating exceptional attention to detail. To find out what we can help you achieve with our real estate cloud software, make an enquiry with Agentbox today.

Discover what you can achieve with streamlined Real Estate Sales CRM and Property Management software

Agentbox has at its core the real estate agent and real estate sales process in mind.  An important part of a high performing agency is also to ensure the sales team and property management team are working closely to achieve the best outcomes for their mutual clients. The ability to market properties effectively and utilise comprehensive management reports will have your team on top of their game without the stress of juggling multiple systems.  Having a unified approach and information sharing between teams will help save time, reduce costs and improve overall customer service across all areas of your business. Having one solution for your Sales CRM and Property Management software is the best way to achieve this. Task management and built-in workflows ensure you will never miss an appointment or follow-up task.  Sales letter templates are ready for every step of your sales process. Property management pre and post tenancy checklists are also a major time-saver and help to ensure each staff member is consistent, leaving less room for error.  Performance dashboards are at your fingertips and keep you switched on and focused on your most important priorities. Prospecting features are one of the most popular aspects of the Agentbox Real Estate CRM solution, with live feeds from CoreLogic keeping up to date with your market has never been easier. Agentbox prides itself on providing an extensive list of integration partners to ensure you get maximum results from your technology investments without the headache of keeping them all in sync and suffering the problems that come with manually managing multiple systems. Read more about award-winning Agentbox features and discover why leading agents across Australia choose to use Agentbox to dominate their markets.

Specialised design and
development of
award winning websites

We understand how important it is to drive your listings and your brand on the web, which is why our experienced team has made the process simple by designing cohesive, feature-rich website solutions that will have you up and running quickly and within budget. Enjoy effortless management of your website using our dedicated content management system; it’s never been easier to manage your property information and brand presence online.

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Is your database riddled with missing
info, duplicate properties & more?

Download Your FREE Guide To Clean Your Database NOW


Is your sales database riddled with missing information, duplicate properties and more? 

Does it make it hard for you meet targets, future-proof your business and thrive in today’s market?

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