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Independence is power. Amplify your individual strengths,
and own your market without compromise.

How Agentbox can help Single Agents

Australia’s leading real estate agents use Agentbox to drive their individual success, in collaboration with – or independent of – the business they work for. Efficient and cost effective for individuals, Agentbox allows top performers to manage their own database, operating their own business within a larger real estate agency.

Amplify your market influence with Australia’s leading real estate CRM
Agentbox is at the heart of successful real estate business units within agencies
Take control of your client relationships and data with Agentbox technology
Agentbox empowers you to create impactful communications with cut through
Multiply prospecting efforts with Agentbox’s data-driven technology
Be agile and impress clients with AgentboxGO’s mobile capabilities

Close the gap on your competitors, and step into your agency’s power

Why choose Agentbox?

Take control of your destiny whilst remaining within the business you love by implementing Agentbox as your personal CRM. Agentbox gives structure to your independent or business unit real estate practice, supporting you with the right systems to work vendors and buyers, track the performance of your assistants and – most importantly – to enhance your influence over the market you serve.

Close the gap on your competition. Act decisively, and join Australia’s best agents by using Agentbox – the marketing machine driving you to new heights of success and influence.

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