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Agentbox is used by thousands of real estate agents across Australia.  These people have varying experiences and value different aspects of the feature-rich Agentbox CRM and agency management solution offering. Some of these clients are principals or directors of their businesses, some sales agents and others deep in administration.  It is always useful to listen to their experiences when assessing solutions in the market.


Stone Real Estate

Jamie Bennett from Stone Real Estate shares how Agentbox has helped Stone achieve their rapid growth.

Savills Real Estate

Charles Caravousanos from Savills Real Estate shares how Agentbox has helped maximise their data insights.

Harris Real Estate

One of Australia’s leading agents, Phil Harris shares what’s important when selecting a CRM and mobility is key.

Jamie Bennett

“Stone are one of Australia’s fastest-growing real estate brands. Within a year we’ve exploded from 7 offices to 13 in high-profile NSW suburbs. We are on track to achieve 150 agencies nationally within four years. Growth is key to Stone’s culture, and we needed a CRM that matched our appetite for innovation and influence. For us, Agentbox is the only database solution capable of powering high-performance real estate businesses like our own. It enables knowledge-sharing and uniform client data across Stone’s multi-office network, giving our agents a new level of market intelligence which has undoubtedly led to more listings.”

John Cunningham

“We had a solid business before Agentbox but our technology was fragmented. Since then we have been able to consolidate our technology and the savings in dollar terms and productivity have been profound.

Agentbox are very well regarded for providing high quality service to their clients and their focus on delivering the absolute best technology to our industry.”

Matt Hayson

“We’re an expanding business and we realise the importance of having a CRM system that allows our agents and network to communicate effectively. We have built some bespoke features within Agentbox to best suit our day to day operation and our entire team has embraced the system. The software is easy to use, the reporting is solid and most importantly it effectively communicates with our customer.”

David Highland & Kylie West

“They are a very supportive and friendly team who have grown with us​. I would totally endorse them and welcome any enquiries from anyone who needs to talk about the level of service we’ve experienced.”

Phil Harris

“We were wasting a lot of time double and triple handling things in different systems. We needed one solution that would address most of our daily needs.”

Michael Keil

“I had a large database of contacts and properties, but I needed one system that would help avoid duplicates and associate all relevant relationships between the two.”

Amber Werchon

“Our team is getting more mobile every day. They require important information at their fingertips without needing to be at their desk. The Agentbox Mobile App has made a big difference to everyone’s productivity.”

Chris Hanley & Lauren King

“Byron Bay First National did the changeover from our existing CRM to Agentbox in March 2017 after 2 years of in-depth research. The changeover process was very well run and smooth considering our large database of contacts and properties. As the marketing manager, Lauren loves the email marketing templates and finds uploading properties a breeze. The tasks are great and the Lead Capture module has saved our administration team hours of work each week by not having to manually load enquiries. I would highly recommend Agentbox to those looking at changing CRMs.”

George Rafty

“Agentbox is really working for us, and the agents here find it very easy to use, with quick and easy access to contact and listing information. It provides all the tools required for a successful real estate agency. The reporting is excellent as it is quick and easy for me to find information and send it straight out to the vendor without leaving Agentbox. The service the Agentbox team provides is excellent. I would recommend to any real estate office looking for a new CRM.”

Nathan Casserly & Alex Ouwens

“At Ouwens Casserly we have long recognised the importance of technology, using Agentbox to grow our business since 2014. It has streamlined every part of our sales process – everything from OFls to Settlements is contained within one system. Agentbox’s email marketing allows us to run strategic marketing campaigns. enhancing our influence. Investing in training is key to the successful implementation of a CRM in any real estate business – every agent at Ouwens Casserly gets the best from Agentbox technology. With Agentbox by our side, we have the technology necessary to thrive!”

Luke Bellero

“After heavily researching CRMs from my time at McGrath and LJ Hooker, I have found Agentbox to be the most comprehensive, easy to use platform that supports both myself as an Agent and the office. The mobile platform makes accessing important information on the go quite simple as well. I would strongly endorse and recommend Agentbox to any offices and agents that are looking for a leading technology solution.”

John Buckley

“After interviewing all of the top CRMs available to the real estate industry, we selected Agentbox because of its impressive functionality and its utilitarian interface. I feel that it is practical and powerful for managing all aspects of your real estate data. The reporting function gives your clear information on every aspect of your business and is simple to use.

I am impressed by the constant updates and improvement to the functionality of Agentbox, the new pipeline graphic is sensational in its simplicity and I am now referring to it every day. The Agentbox app is going from strength to strength, I particularly like the ability to log your calls. The recent update to BBC your emails to Agentbox is brilliant and especially helpful in a team environment.”

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