Excellence in service and efficiency

Our market-leading and cloud-based property management software links all interactions with a client across property management and trust accounting to one contact record. Put growth on repeat with a property management software that integrates with your Agentbox Sales CRM. Never miss an opportunity again. With an integrated online solution your Sales and Property Management team can feed each other properties and avoid missed opportunities. Get your team working as one and be the best real estate partner your clients need.

Organised Activities

The power organiser landing page provides one clear view of all-important activity, through focused, customisable lists giving easy access to data. This dashboard can be tailored to the individual role, ensuring team members get visibility of what’s important to them. Your property managers can easily keep track of important tasks with the system automatically flagging events such as tenancies that are due for a lease renewal, tenancies due for a routine inspection, work orders to be chased, arrears due to be chased, and pending supplier invoices.

Central Contact Database

Information isn’t hidden – a client’s contact record provides a complete record of your relationship across departments, so information about your tenants and landlords is continually shared between front office and back office teams. As your data is synchronised, updates by accounts feed through to the linked records automatically.

Document Management

All the necessary document templates for notifying tenants and landlords required to run your business are held centrally online. Customisable documents are generated using Microsoft Word, using merge tools to take the information needed. After creation, documents can be saved within the relevant record. A full, non-editable audit trail is automatically generated with the ability to view who did what and when.

Diary Sharing

The diary gives full visibility of activity across the property management activities. Appointments can be viewed across the team, making productivity gains a reality. The diary can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Universal Search

The universal search function acts as a search engine for the database – allowing a quick search to be performed across the whole database from a single search field, ensuring a full view of your client. Easy access to all information is only a few clicks away. Our customers find this feature to be a huge time saver!

Integrated Trust Accounts

Having your Trust Accounts integrated with your Property Management solution is a key factor in driving efficiencies in your business, improving processes and delivering exceptional customer service. Features include daily reconciliation to ensure you are on top of any discrepancy quickly. Efficient automated processes remove the need for manual receipting. Payments are matched to tenancies and invoices – saving hours of work for your team. All activities are automatically tracked to provide a full audit trail. Streamline your rent collection, plus supplier and landlord payments with payment automation for BPAY, Direct Debit, DEFT and other payment routines.

Analytics & Reports

Our Property Manager analytics and reports give you an overall view of your business like you’ve never seen before. This feature provides actionable insights with a multitude of flexible custom reports. Reports could include: New Tenancies This Week, Managements Lost, Managements Won, plus many other custom reports across your rent roll. Enhanced reporting provides flexibility, visibility and an increased understanding of  the risks and opportunities in your business.

Messages & Tasks

Messages and Tasks can be linked to Tenancy and Property records. Tasks can be set for yourself, or sent to others for action. Tasks requiring action are easily viewed on the Organiser, and take the recipient directly to the appropriate record. This feature alone has proven to be a major time-saver for Property Management teams and eliminates unnecessary emails within the business.

Online Access

Consumers expect online access 24/7. Our property management solution provides tenants and landlords with the information they need quickly and easily. Tenants can access tenancy information, transaction history and make maintenance requests and landlords can view inspection reports and other vital information about their investment property. Make sure you’re providing the services your clients now demand. 

Tenancy Checklists

One feature property managers seem to love and experience instant productivity gains are the Pre and Post Tenancy Checklists.  By using this senior management are able to set all the necessary steps for each stage of your tenancy. The system will ensure staff action all the necessary steps to process tenancies before and after the tenancy period.  This feature alone allows you to keep an audit trail of all actions and ensure your team is following consistent procedures and so you aren’t at risk of missing an important activity required by law.


Is your sales database riddled with missing information, duplicate properties and more? 

Does it make it hard for you meet targets, future-proof your business and thrive in today’s market?

We have the solution, without you spending a cent.