Combined Power of Sales & Property Management

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The dream of having your Sales and Property Management teams working together as one and being truly client-centric is now a reality. Our market-leading and cloud-based sales and property management solution provides your business with the edge most don’t realise. Many agencies still are largely siloed in their daily activities, this can lead to missed opportunities and poor client experiences. Now you can put growth on repeat with a property management solution that integrates with your Agentbox Sales CRM. Never miss an opportunity again.

With an integrated online solution your Sales and Property Management team can feed each other properties and avoid missed opportunities. Get your team working as one and be the best real estate partner your clients need.

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Reduce your missed sales opportunities

How many times have you lost business when a landlord lists a property with another agency or discover that someone working elsewhere in the business had a relationship with the client that could have helped if you had only known?  Improve your conversion rates by working as one.

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Increase your leasing opportunities

How many of your slow-moving sales might be leasing opportunities? What proportion of your portfolio is being sold to investors and how many are you gaining as a landlord for ongoing property management services? Cross-search and client data sharing on one platform can help reveal and manage all the growth opportunities you might be missing.

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Track your ‘client for life’ metrics

Are you tracking the opportunities and setting targets for keeping clients for life? What operational tasks should be implemented to help achieve these goals? Analytics, reporting and shared data across your business will help you manage your business and identify missed and new opportunities.

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Reduce your Tech overheads and complexity

Are you thinking of simplifying your investments in technology where there is unnecessary overlap and little benefit to your business?  By consolidating the number of technologies and suppliers you will reduce overheads, training costs, and provide uniform processes for reporting, advertising, admin, accounts etc.

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Is your database riddled with
missing info, duplicate properties & more?

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Is your sales database riddled with missing information, duplicate properties and more? 

Does it make it hard for you meet targets, future-proof your business and thrive in today’s market?

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