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Agentbox not only provide a variety of innovative features for our real estate agents through our own feature-rich solution set, we also deliver these benefits to our integration partners. Agentbox have extended the capability of our solution to ensure we are providing leading real estate agencies with all they need to power their businesses in one place. We aim to eliminate as much unnecessary duplication of effort as possible, so you can maximise the power of your technology investments. The following page outlines some of our integration partners. If you have any questions about these services please contact Existing clients can log a request through



PropTech Roadmap v7 Detail is Australia's leading real estate website.

Agentbox integrates with to allow you to seamlessly import your property enquiries as contacts in your Agentbox CRM. It will also allow you to avoid duplicates by matching with existing records in your CRM. You have the option to manually or automatically check these within moments of receiving the enquiry. Buyer and tenant requirements are also captured to allow you to do future prospecting and nurturing of these relationships.

View Website is one of Australia's most popular real estate websites.

Agentbox integration allows for property enquiries to be imported within moments and automatically checked for duplicate records.  Based on your configuration settings the system will either process automatically or allow manual matching against existing properties or contacts in your CRM. Buyer or tenant requirements are also automatically captured for ongoing communications.

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CoreLogic RP Data is the leading real estate data, information and analytics provider in Australia and New Zealand.

The Agentbox integration with CoreLogic RP Data provides advanced functionality that allows you to build your prospecting and contact database while providing competitive intelligence, reducing data entry and increasing efficiency. Search and display properties from your own database and from CoreLogic in real time without leaving the Agentbox.

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REI Forms Live provides online forms and agreements to make everyday real estate business easier.

Agentbox integrates with REI Forms Live, allowing you to minimise data entry by pre-populating forms with key listing and contact details directly from Agentbox. Create forms via the listing card ‘REI Forms Live’ button to launch the Forms Live editor and complete any remaining fields.

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Movinghub enables real estate agencies to provide their clients with a completely tailored moving experience.

Movinghub powers Agentbox Utility Connections, allowing you to create your own utility connection concierge service for clients. The service comes with access to leading providers across a range of categories including electricity, gas, broadband internet, removalists and more. Agents will have access to real-time lead status and history for tracking your referrals and commissions.

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Realhub save you hours a day by streamlining the ordering, creating and tracking of all your marketing material from one place.

The Agentbox integration with Realhub provides an instant export button to push appraisal and listing details from Agentbox to Realhub.

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Campaigntrack offers a range of marketing services for real estate agencies, including video, photography, websites, print and signage services.

Agentbox integrates with Campaigntrack seamlessly to facilitate the transfer of listing information with a direct link to the campaign. This connection removes the need to log in separately and double enter your listing details, while also providing the ability to import property photos and floorplans from Campaigntrack back into Agentbox.

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Mind the Gap provides real estate advertising services including video, photography, floorplans and copywriting.

Review and approve listing photos, floorplans and videos in Mind The Gap before approving these resources for automatic import into Agentbox.

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Inspect Real Estate offers innovative property software to manage tenant and buyer enquiries, automate lead generation and more.

Agentbox integration facilitates the sending of listing information to Inspect Real Estate and captures enquiries and leads back into Agentbox.

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Plezzel provides online lead management and marketing automation software for real estate agents.

The Agentbox integration facilitates the sending of listing information to Plezzel and captures enquiries back into Agentbox.

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Activepipe provides personalised, automated email marketing campaigns for real estate agents.

The Agentbox integration allows you to utilise your listing and contact data for email marketing campaigns within the Activepipe platform.

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RealSatisfied makes listening to your customers, receiving testimonials simple and straightforward.

The Agentbox integration with RealSatisfied allows for surveys to be queued for automatic sending to the vendor and purchaser of your listings upon settlement.

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Real Insights provides powerful analytics custom-made for real estate agents with automated reporting delivered to your inbox.

The Agentbox integration allows you to push appraisal details directly to the Real Insights platform with the click of a button.

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Spinify provides real-time leaderboards to motivate real estate agents and teams.

The Agentbox integration provides staff and listing details to Spinify to populate engaging leaderboards.

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Before You Bid provides Building & Pest Inspections and Strata Reports to agents, vendors and buyers at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing these directly with the service provider.

Before You Bid utlises the Agentbox “Report Taken” field and automatically updates data within the CRM so agents can better track interested buyers and automate vendor reporting. Before You Bid reports can also now be ordered through your Agentbox CRM.

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BYB Assist is your free white labelled post-OFI questionnaire, asking the right questions to maximise your follow-up calls and revenue.

BYB Assist’s deep integration with Agentbox automatically sends sales contracts, updates ‘Report Taken” fields and creates ancillary revenue opportunities for you

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Homepass captures contact details from your inspections while enabling better conversations and instant follow-up.

The Agentbox integration with Homepass allows the automatic capture of inspection attendees and their feedback into Agentbox.

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Google Gmail GSuite provides email, contact, calendar and tasks management solutions.

This integration allows users to view their Agentbox contacts, appointments and tasks inside their Gmail or Google Apps or GSuite Account (web access), compatible email client e.g. Outlook or compatible mobile device e.g. tablet or smartphone.

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Microsoft 365 or Exchange provides email, contact, calendar and task management solutions.

This integration allows users to view their Agentbox contacts, appointments and tasks inside their Microsoft 365 or Exchange Account (web access), compatible email client e.g. Outlook or compatible mobile device e.g. tablet or smartphone.

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Commissions without the wait. Butn have teamed up with Agentbox to help businesses take control of their cash flow. With the Agentbox Butn integration, you can now access commission earned on unconditional property sales early.

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With over 20 years of experience globally, Diakrit are industry leaders in high-quality property marketing content. Diakrit’s full suite of property marketing tools include magazine style photography, 2D and 3D floor plans and interactive marketing tools designed to engage and inspire buyers by allowing them to digitally renovate, furnish and virtually tour property listings, all from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Our partnership enables a quicker and easier experience for your overall campaign management with automated delivery of Diakrit marketing to your listing in Agentbox.

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Offer to Own is a free digital offer management platform that helps real estate agents stay informed and in control of the sale. It sets up a fast and direct line of communication between potential buyers and the agent.

Offer to Own integrates with Agentbox to create unique offer pages for the properties you are selling, and allows the buyers to register their interest in real time. During the open home, Offer to Own can automatically send an SMS to everyone who registered and invite them to make an offer.

Offer to Own keeps agents on top of each new offer with notifications sent straight to their device. They can view, manage, shortlist, and access the contact information of buyers all from their agent dashboard. It’s that easy and completely free!

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Turn your customers into pre-approved, committed buyers with Oxygen.

Oxygen is fully integrated with AgentBox and has an automated smartphone friendly online mortgage application.

Oxygen provides a free, post-OFI questionnaire, automating routine tasks for Agents, alerts for serious buyers and new listing appraisal requests.

We also provide a free auto-responder email to web enquiries, saving valuable admin time. Ask about our commission sharing arrangements.

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Listing Feeds

Listing details, marketing copy and high-resolution images can be fed seamlessly to a range of integrators. Agentbox integrates with over 100 portals including all the major real estate portals, agent comparison and review sites, print and marketing material providers, digital signage solutions and auction platforms.


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