Real Estate Database Management Software

At Agentbox, we offer a unique blend of professional real estate experience and expertise in software design. Because we understand the distinctive needs of the industry, we offer intuitive management software that provides our clients with functionality, ease of use and efficiency that our competitors can’t match.

The importance of effective database management

In the property industry, your capability to manage customers in the long term is absolutely vital to drive growth for your business. While most agents will agree with this, many spend years using clunky and outdated methods of managing their database—often spending too much time on new leads—and are penalised as a result. Not only does this result in more time spent on simple, menial tasks like recording, searching and cataloguing—it also impedes your ability to nurture customer relationships on an ongoing basis and encourage repeat business and referrals.

Software that helps real estate agents achieve more

Our goal is to give you more time to do what you do best without having to deal with a disorganised database that hinders your progress. On top of that, equipping your business with quality real estate database management software allows you to foster ongoing relationships with customers beyond closing a sale; log and access records with ease; and save on marketing costs through repeat business and referrals. With Agentbox software, you can keep track of all your contacts with ease and support a larger number of clients as a result—all through an interface customised as per your individual needs.

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At Agentbox, we hold ourselves to the highest standards so that we can offer each and every one of our clients a product of the highest standard. Regardless of your budget, your goals or the size of your business, we’ll provide a fully tailored solution that puts you on the front foot as you strive towards growth and bigger goals. To speak with our team about what we can help you achieve, give us a call on +61 2 8999 3370 or fill out the online enquiry form today.

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