Driving real estate innovation since 2009

Committed to relentless innovation

Agentbox challenges the status quo to deliver a smarter sales and marketing solution for your real estate agency. Co-founders Eddie Cetin (CEO) and Peter Cheuk (Systems Architect) brought Agentbox to the real estate industry in 2009. Today the business employs a talented team of over 50 staff; each focused on building the CRM of choice for Australia’s leading agents.   In 2018 Agentbox joined the Reapit Group, and now Eddie Cetin is the APAC Chairman of Reapit & Agentbox, covering both Real Estate Sales and Property Management offerings.

Our expertise in developing unique digital solutions paired with a rich knowledge of the real estate industry has allowed the Agentbox team to build a uniquely compelling offering for the market.

Why do Australia's fastest growing agencies choose Agentbox?

Number 1

Agentbox is a proven comprehensive agency management solution used by Australia’s leading agents and agencies – we’ve ranked #1 for the past 7 years. Agentbox has a market-leading CRM database at its core plus many other powerful features that continue to grow as we work with our clients to innovate.

Powerfully efficient

Agentbox is unmatched for ease of use, speed and depth of functionality – saving agents hours each week and increasing agency efficiencies. Agents can manage their day with ease, action their tasks, conduct targeted prospecting, send personalised communications, monitor their results and much more.

Clean data commitment

Agentbox demonstrates its commitment to clean data by offering an industry-leading data management solution.  Clean data is critical to business success. We understand that moving data from one system to another can be stressful for real estate businesses. We have an expert team that can assist with your transition to Agentbox.

Upwardly mobile

Agentbox offers a market-leading mobile solution: the new Agentbox Mobile App. Built for purpose, the Agentbox Mobile App makes agent’s days easier. The App provides diary reminders and listing information, it tracks calls, facilitates better open for inspections and offers performance snapshots. The Mobile App syncs CRM intel so that it is available when agents need it most.

Integration without duplication

Agentbox is nimble, benefiting from extensive integration with other applications. We help you get more from your data, increase efficiencies across your agency and maximise your technology investment.  The ability to minimise duplicate contacts and property information is a key strength of Agentbox, and this becomes even more important when integrating with external systems.

Agentbox values

They are the foundation of all we do:

1.  We enjoy the adventure of innovation
2.  We are one team and celebrate success together
3.  We listen, we learn, we care, we’re open
4.  We take ownership and act with integrity


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