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Real Estate Tech and Business Insights from Marcus Rayner, First National Rayner

December 3rd, 2018

In the next instalment of Agentbox’s Industry Insider blog series, we are pleased to present the insights of real estate veteran Marcus Rayner from First National Rayner. Marcus is First National’s number one Victorian agent, an accolade made even more impressive when you take his office’s semi-regional location into consideration.

In this blog, Marcus shows how real estate practices can really shine when they have their technology and business approach right! A passionate local personality who has worked hard to have a strong team and vibrant culture, Marcus and team Rayner have made an ongoing commitment to real estate technology which has given them a powerful competitive advantage. Agentbox sat down with Marcus recently to learn more about the things that make a real difference to the success of his business.

  • Database Management Tools 

Agentbox’s database management tools and feature-rich CRM help Marcus and his team to respond to the needs of their clients swiftly and accurately. Having information stored in an orderly manner within their database makes team Rayner agile in the field, and a real priority is placed on entering data correctly every time. Marcus and his team have embraced new technologies to improve efficiencies across their business, training staff to ensure they’ve the knowledge and tools to do their job well.

  • People and Culture

When working as estate agents in a semi-rural/metro-fringe community, the quality of the people you employ can really make or break a business. Reputation is everything in tight-knit communities, which helps to keep everyone honest and respectful in their daily roles. Marcus is a pragmatic Director with a policy of keeping things ‘real’ around the office. No Princes or Princesses are tolerated at team Rayner – it’s a team effort, every time.

  • Customers are the Centre of Everything

 All decisions at First National Rayner begin by focusing on what is best for their client, be they vendors, buyers, tenants or landlords. This can be a difficult road to navigate sometimes, as what might be good for one may not always be beneficial to the other. Wherever possible, Marcus aims for win/win situations where every party is treated with care and respect. Communication is key to all successful real estate transactions, and team Rayner work hard to keep their team up-to-date across all negotiations using technology.

  • Social Media

Rayner First National ensure their social media presence is fresh and locally-focused by regularly updating their chosen platforms with interesting postings. They respect the power of social media, which allows them to showcase their team’s personality and passion for community involvement. Marcus does a great series of candid local market video updates, which are a favorite!


Marcus’ Fave Agentbox CRM Features

  1. Prospector ExampleProspector. We have 60% of our catchment area converted from red to green. All the staff love using Prospector, it’s like “Google maps on steroids”. Even those that have been in real estate pre-computers enjoy Prospector!
  2. Buyers are easy to add. Having the ability to quickly add buyer updates and Open for Inspection attendees via the mobile app is a real time saver.
  3. We love bulk SMS! It helps the team to communicate at opens and is an excellent tool to swiftly reach all interested parties before a property is sold.
  4. It’s easy to use. Even for those who are not tech savvy! A CRM is of no use to anyone if it is difficult to use and the team is reluctant to enter information into it. Investing in training also ensures the team keeps up with tech advances that are missed when they might normally keep to the 5 activities they know best and are hesitant to explore beyond that.
  5. It’s mobile. Most of team Rayner are out of the office for much of the day, so it is critical that they can access information quickly and on-the-go. The mobile app has been embraced by my colleagues and they enjoy the ongoing updates that are rolled out regularly by Agentbox.

Marcus certainly has a winning formula – he shows that consistency is key! Along with his team of high achievers, First National Rayner represents many aspects of best practice in the use of CRM technology and business systems.

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