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How Mobile-Friendly is Your Agency’s Website?

November 2nd, 2017

Many estate agents name Any Given Sunday as one of their favourite movies, inspired by Al Pacino’s stirring half-time speech which explains that in life ‘the inches we need are everywhere around us’.

The point Pacino’s character tries to make is that it’s the small actions we take across our lives that ultimately lead to success – there’s not one single grand action that makes us ‘winners’ or ‘losers’. Success is all in the inches, and it’s all about maximising every opportunity.

This is particularly true for real estate professionals, who are looking for additional ‘inches’ to conquer across every aspect of the practice – from prospecting innovation and marketing through to using software that amplifies their team performance. One competitive ‘inch’ many agencies could take to vastly improve their digital identity and dominance relates to their website’s mobile-friendliness. No matter how shiny and pop-up filled your agency’s website – if it’s not optimized for mobile, it is viewed less favourably by Google. This means that you could be putting serious budget towards AdWords, but still coming up second best because your website isn’t mobile optimized.

As of 2016, mobile overtook desktop as the primary device used to access websites. Many of you will know this intuitively – as you’ll often observe vendors and buyers glued to their devices (and you yourself might be scrolling into the early hours of the morning on a phone or tablet). But did you know that people are five times more likely to leave your website if it isn’t mobile friendly? And that half of mobile users will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load? At Agentbox, we specialise in creating elegant, practical and brand-aligned mobile optimized websites. We don’t simply ‘shrink’ or dial-down content on your website to make it more mobile-friendly: we design websites from the ground-up to please your customers on their phones and tablets, capturing them and extending their interaction with your agency for as long as possible. It’s a considered strategy that agencies simply can’t ignore if they want to claim those ‘inches’ all around them.

Unsure whether your agency’s website is mobile optimized? Use this handy tool from Google to find out how mobile friendly your site is. Additionally, you’ve opportunity to improve your website’s mobile-friendliness and trump your competitors by addressing:

  • Page Speed – is your agency’s site quick to load? Your audience will love you for it.
  • User Experience – is your website built with your true audience of clients in mind?
  • Responsive Design – is it good on the go, on tablets and phones?

Increasingly, competitive advantages are hard to find –  and Australian real estate businesses are still looking for those ‘inches’ by which to differentiate themselves. Give yourself the upper hand by building a website that is mobile-first, and focused on giving your audience the best experience of your brand – whether they’re on the couch, on the train or at their desk.

Want to ensure your agency’s website is mobile optimized? Consult with Agentbox’s experienced design team today. Click here to reach out.

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