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Growth Secrets from Australia’s Top Agencies

July 16th, 2018

During our time at AREC, team Agentbox were pleased to interview several of our dynamic clients – who also happen to be Australia’s top estate agents.

What exactly are these market-dominating real estate legends doing to be the number one choice of vendors in their farm area? One theme rang true throughout our conversations – having a high-performance database on your side paves the way to repeated success, referral business and growth. A CRM-centric prospecting routine is the machine that powers any agent who is focused on avoiding seasonal ups-and-downs and market downturn. Without a doubt, success leaves clues – and over the coming months, we’ll be sharing the growth secrets that resulted from our agent interviews. This is the first in our series of articles which focus on the regular activities of high-performing agents. Curious? Take their advice to heart and see your own results skyrocket.

Phil Harris, Managing Director, Harris Real Estate

Top 3 tips for running a successful estate agency

  • Your leadership team needs to have a clear direction for the business, and the opportunity and skills to communicate that vision to their colleagues.
  • A defined strategy to achieve this vision must be in place. Ensure there are distinct milestones, tasks to be completed and ownership assigned to relevant team members to make this strategy a reality. You can’t drive strategy on your own!
  • Hire the right people to implement and drive your strategy. Successful estate agencies are the result of the hires you make, so ensure they suit your culture, are independently motivated, and clear about their targets. Team culture isn’t a ‘set and forget’ proposition – provide your team with the support, tools and training to do their job well.

Advice when looking into a new CRM….

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from others’ experience with CRMs you’re considering and do your homework. Have important integration points in place, data migration and a training plan executed well.”

Rob Ward, CEO, DiJONES

When selecting the best CRM for your business …

  • Make sure it is easy to use and mobile. It truly needs to be an everyday tool that all staff want to use. There are many different roles in an agency and it is crucial they all understand how to get the most out of the system to do their job well.
  • Reporting is key. For reports to be meaningful and useful, the data your team enters must be accurate. Equally important is the ability to get information out of your CRM, so you have visibility across the business without needing a data mining specialist to make sense of it all. Rob is a firm believer that “what gets measured, gets done.”
  • Marketing ability. Your CRM needs to support the strategy you have as a business and how you elect to target your territory. Crucially, your CRM needs to be flexible so you can label and categorise contacts and properties based on your approach. Then your marketing efforts and prospecting activities will be targeted, speedier and most importantly, fruitful. An effective CRM provides visibility of data across the office network, which also gives you the option to have open access across all offices and insightful reporting. Make sure that your CRM has a fully functional API (Application Interface) so that you can access the data for further analysis and merge with other data where necessary.


Advice when looking into a new CRM…

“Not everyone has the technical skills necessary to use a CRM. Whether you’re a salesperson, an administrator or a business owner your CRM must be easy to use, and Agentbox certainly is that.”

Dean O’Brien and Darren Hutchins, Founders & Corporate Directors, OBrien Real Estate

Top 3 tips for running a successful estate agency

  • Systems. “Find the best way to service customers with passion and innovation, then make it happen.” Agents who make the transaction experience better for their vendor and purchaser are those leading the marketplace. To achieve this goal, you’ll need the right processes, systems and technology to replicate the experience across your business. A powerful CRM allows each client to have multiple dimensions, allowing communication to be easy without ‘spamming’ them. One client record, one holistic view across the business.
  • Structure. Have your teams set up for success. Learn from other agencies and organisations who are doing culture and structure well. If you need support to create structures within your agency, get professional coaching to help you boost your business fast.
  • Culture. You need to hire the right people to reflect your brand, attitude and your desired team dynamics well. Training is very important, as it keeps your team thinking outside the box. Naturally, staff also enjoy it. Josh Phegan has coached our team from the start – he is constantly part of our business

Advice when looking into a new CRM …

“Spend time assessing your options and meet with the people behind the CRM you’re considering. Understand the support you will receive and the data transition process. Make sure you get great ongoing support – it’s something Agentbox prioritise.”


Australia’s leading agents all agree: when it comes to winning your market you need the systems, team knowledge and communications capacity offered by high performance CRM. That’s the real secret to growth!

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