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Database Essentials: Six Steps to Database Domination

May 3rd, 2017 | admin

You don’t have to be a geek to know that data is important. Having access to accurate, clean data is where success lies for all businesses – particularly for estate agents. You’re hearing this message from industry leaders at conferences, and from mentors and coaches, too. Unfortunately, many estate agents continue to struggle with data – limping by with client lists on their phones, notes in Outlook or (worse still) relying on their memory for a prospect list. Such an approach to databasing can only lead to frustrating peaks and troughs in monthly earnings – enough to test the hardiest of technophobes.

As a Principal, you are focused on empowering your team to scale new professional heights, improving their capacity for income generation by removing needless administration and data-handling. Bringing your staff together to powerfully use a database is easier said than done, as encouraging estate agents towards the same vision can occasionally feel like herding cats. Yet done it must be, as the practice of prospecting becomes increasingly litigious courtesy of tightening privacy laws, do-not-call registers and ‘No Junk Mail’ signs. Traditional methods of prospecting are tiring for your team, and increasingly ineffective.

Make it your agency’s priority to build a valuable, clean database asset: this is the foundation from which to dominate your market. In combination with a considered ‘marketing machine’ CRM solution, you’ll soon be forging a path to quarter-on-quarter growth. Here’s your roadmap to data domination!

Step 1:

Consolidate all your systems into one database, accessed by your whole team. This is a non-negotiable: it’s time to implement an online solution that’s easy to use and mobile. Ensure you’ve a scheduled training plan in place, empowering agents and administrators to get the most out of the CRM.

Step 2:

Clean up your newly-consolidated database, and shed the dead weight of useless contacts with missing surnames and incorrect addresses. Keep only the clients that matter. This step can feel liberating for your team: plan a database working bee and get everyone on the phone, deleting irrelevant clients and snapping up email addresses. Ensure your database has relevant database categories in place, so clients are accurately sorted (i.e. Past Buyer, Past Vendor).

Step 3:

Capture all active buyers accurately, inputting their details from open homes and web enquiries. Buyer data must be carefully managed: triage your buyers continually, ensuring you have as much information as possible about genuine customers looking to buy or sell.

Arrange to have all web enquiries feed directly into your database, eliminating data loss and building a rich picture of your buyer’s interests.

Step 4:

Become the go-to agent in your area, appearing in all the places your prospective vendors are looking. This means investing in a healthy mix of print media in local magazines, creating meaningful blog content on your website, engaging in targeted letterbox drops with appropriate Just Listed, Just Sold and Market Update circulars. Be so good they can’t ignore you!

Step 5:

Get social by investing in Google AdWords and a clever social media presence. Source an expert real estate digital marketing agency to fully manage this complex task. Invest in local search and SEO for your website, and ask for a Google AdWords report on the top 20 keywords in your area to bid upon. Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising can also be beneficial in building market influence.

Step 6:

Be a real estate business your customers are confident to refer to their friends! Honour your relationships with referral partners, rewarding past buyers and vendors. When your marketing machine CRM is humming with regular targeted communications, word will soon spread of your superior service. Implement a system within your business that asks for referrals, and rewards clients for actions taken. Get creative!

Remember: successful data domination is a team effort. Every team member is required to create and nurture relationships. Now is the time consolidate your team’s prospecting efforts, protecting yourself from the peaks and troughs created by poor database habits. This will soon lead to robust systems within your business, more time in front of prospects already convinced of your value, and a buzzing referral network.

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