Playing Total Real Estate: Business Units of the Future

The role of the estate agent has changed, permanently. More than being able negotiators, real estate agents are being called upon to step into the role of the entrepreneur, with an identity marketing cult to match. As public ownership data becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, agents are being compelled to consider new ways to connect […]

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Built for Speed

Every moment counts. The amount of time it takes you to return a call from a prospective vendor. The pace with which you drop off that glossy, beautiful pre-listing kit. The speed with which you can connect hot buyers to a time-sensitive, ‘off-market’ listing. As any agent know, listings are won or lost on a […]

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Selling the Secret: Mastering Off-Market Sales

As Australia’s real estate landscape continues to change and median sales prices climb higher, innovative agents are responding to listing droughts by using their databases (rather than relying on big traditional marketing spends) to sell volumes of property off-market. Not mastered off-market sales? Losing listings to agents who are ‘better connected’ to buyers than you? […]


Real Estate Agency Resolutions: Budget 2017

It’s the start of a New Year in real estate. Principals and estate agents are returning to their offices bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a Summer holiday, full of good intentions about prospecting and life balance. But before a week is out, many resolutions go out the window – and agents fall back into a reactive […]


The Fortune Teller and the Estate Agent

  How do you make business decisions in your estate agency? Do you – like lawyer Dennis Denuto from The Castle – make decisions based on ‘the vibe’? Or do you have the resources and real business data on hand to make critical decisions based on facts and figures? Too often, Principals and estate agents […]


The Vendor Report: Your 5-Minute Protection Policy

  It’s no secret that our society is becoming ever-more litigious. Protecting yourself as an agent and protecting your business as a Principal comes down to immaculate record-keeping and thorough checks and balances. And in an environment where new purpose-built ‘underquoting’ legislation is being enforced, it’s more important than ever to have water-tight records of […]

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Supporting Your Office Superheroes

  Every real estate agency has its own superhero. Sure, they may not wear a cape or snazzy tights. Their name might be Dave or Julie instead of Superman – but their superhero qualities shine just as brightly. A real estate agency is a frenetic place, what with high-energy sales people, a buzzing property management […]

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The Power of SMS

BUZZZZZ. Your mobile phone loudly vibrates on the table, alerting you undeniably to the fact that an SMS has just been received. Even though you are in a meeting you can not help but to take a quick peek. There is something about an sms that unconsciously demands your attention. Unlike a phone call from […]


Your Database: The Pulse of Your Estate Agency

Are you the Director or Sales Manager of an Estate Agency? If so, you may be finding it a challenge to get the most out of your sales agents and access numbers you can trust to drive your business. We speak to many people that manage their staff based on ‘the vibe’ of the morning. […]

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